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  • UK based 24/7 Telephone Support

  • FREE Intuitive DeskphonePolycom, Cisco, Snom, Gigaset, Yealink

  • FREE Calls to UK Landlines & Mobiles.
  • Home & Remote Working Enabled.

  • Free telephone upgrade to ensure your systems meets the 2025 requirements in the UK


Business Lines & Calls

Our Business Lines and Call packages offer high-quality connectivity over Tier 1 Carrier networks.

IP Telephony (Cloud)

Our IP Telephony solutions are at the forefront of modern telephony,

Phone Systems (On Premises)

The market for the On Premises telephone system (PBX) remains strong.

Inbound Services

Ring Telecoms offer a full range of Inbound services from simple call forwarding through to complex call routing

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband ensures you are always in contact and provides a business continuity solution.

Single User Plans

We offer a range of mobile tariffs for the single user including pay-as-you-use

Multi-User Plans

Ring Telecom offers a range of multi-user mobile tariffs, which provides a bundle of minutes/data to be used by a designated number of users

International Calling

Ring Telecoms has a number of products to address a range of business requirements.

Mobile Hardware

Ring Telecom are able to provide you with a full range of the latest mobile phones and hardware.

Data SIM Cards

Data only SIMs give you online access wherever you go. We have plans that range from a 30-day rolling contract, through to 24 or 36-month contracts.

Wireless Data Hotspots

Wireless (mobile) data hotspots pack fast internet access into tiny, pocketable devices so you can stay connected wherever you go.

Dongles connectivity

Ring Telecom' dongles are available on both Vodafone and O2 networks and provide users with connectivity on a laptop throughout the UK

Business Broadband

With speeds of up to 24Mb and offering a full range of download allowances up to unlimited,

Assured Broadband

A specialist broadband product designed to support our IP Telephony services

Superfast Broadband

Ring Telecom has a Superfast broadband product suitable for you.


Routers supplied by Ring Telecoms are pre-configured, with your username and password already entered,

Faster Fiber Serveries

Improved service features for greater efficiency gains comes when you move away from fiber and upgrade today!

Working From Home

Poly Voyager 8200UC A Bluetooth headset that can activate noise cancelling whenever you desire to cut out all external distractions

Why you Chose Our Services ?

BECAUSE Ring Telecom Is A Provider Of A Full Range Of Telecommunication Solutions To Business Customers In The UK.

Best & faster service

Ring Telecom is the faster and best Telecoms services provider in UK

Trust & Reliable

Over 25,200 UK business trust us to deliver services to them.

Genuine telecoms experts

We are experts in our field, carrying a 99.5% customer retention rate.

Save you money

Our wholesale buying power means we can guarantee the best possible pricing across a broad range of Telecom Services.


At the core of Ring Telecom is our Tech Support Team. We hand pick skilled staff and train them in-house to deliver unrivalled levels of customer service across all of our products in UK .

We Use Some Of The UK’s Best Networks

We ensure you never compromise on quality by Partnering with the UK’s best, most reliable networks; Vodafone, O2, BT/Openreach, TalkTalk and Gamma to name just a few.

Customer Friendly

Call us today on 01268 439 241 and be among the first to: - Receive our FREE upgrade to comply with the 2025, UK Telecom requirements - Guaranteed savings when you switch you telecom services to us - Receive choice of FREE IP deskphone - FREE mobile Apps you can use worldwide to call UK for free -

One Provider - A Full Range Of Telecoms Products

Dealing with one provider for all your telecom services is easier on your time and your pocket.

Customer Helper

Help save your Customer or Friends or Family on their Telecom Spend .

We Offer Faster & Quality Services

Ring Telecom is different to other telecom providers, We ensure you never compromise on quality by Partnering with the UK’s best, most reliable networks.